Ergonomic Solutions

Ergonomic ProductsWarehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. offers a full line of ergonomic products to improve productivity and reduce employee fatigue and injury. We stock a number of items that are useful in reducing musculoskeletal disorders among employees, perfect for resolving issues with transport, storage, and more.
Our ergonomic products include:

  • Scissor Lift Table
  • ErgoSolutions Scissor Lift Table with Built-in Carousel
  • ErgoSolutions Tilt and Lift Table

Ergonomic SolutionsTransport
You’re not just working faster, you’re working smarter with battery operated carts and ergonomically – designed tow vehicles from Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co.

Eliminate unneccessary risk, increase productivity, and make your workplace work for you!

Ergonomic Office Products


Low storage – Remedy low storage issues. Employees can strain their backs when they must bend at the waist. Have available to your workers a scissor lift with a turntable. The load can then be easily repositioned and kept close to the body for more ergonomic lifting.

High storage – Using higher shelving areas of your warehouse or distribution center primarily for overstock reduces how often employees must reach above shoulder height. When employees must reach high to access stored products, they risk injury to the back, shoulders, hands and wrists.

Ergonomic Solutions from Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co.
These and other issues arise in warehouses across the nation. We are committed to helping our customers resolve these issues, creating the safest environment for those who make the biggest difference in any warehouse: the employees.

Contact our experts today and we’ll be glad to suggest just the solution you need to make moving and storing items in your warehouse safer. You can reach us by phone at (513) 821-6240, or complete the contact form.