Warehouse GuardrailPrevent costly accidents with heavy-duty safety guardrail from Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. Guardrail provides strong protection from forklift trucks and other in-plant vehicles.
Our highly visible safety-yellow guardrail system is ideal for protecting mezzanines, in-plant offices, conveyors, water mains, pallet racking and other valuable equipment.

Employees are hard at work in warehouses across the country, and protecting our most valuable resources is more than just a compliance issue. OSHA standards cite a number of easily remedied risk factors in warehouses, and using guardrail effectively is chief among them.

Fortunately, you can gain the peace of mind you need when you trust Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. to help you with guardrail installation.

Guardrail SystemsProtective railing insures your investments.
To protect your inventory, expensive equipment, structures and, most importantly, your personnel, explore your options with our easy-to-install railing.

Sturdily constructed and component-based for easy customization, our guardrail systems have been proven to reduce accidents as they shield vital work areas. You gain so much when you install these high-strength corrugated steel components because you avoid

  • Damage and loss of inventory
  • Excessive downtime while repairs are being made
  • Workers’ compensation payments

Guardrail InstallationMoveable safety solutions
We also carry guardrail system components that are moveable. When more space needs to be made for equipment or machinery access, these guardrail sections can be simply lifted up and out of a specially designed “saddle.” When it’s time to replace these components, rails are easily slid back in place for reliable durability.

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