Modular Offices

Modular OfficesWhen you need extra office space, a lunch room, or just a place for your employees to take a break, let us know. We can customize an in-plant office for your warehouse, factory, or distribution center that is very cost efficient, functional, and attractive. These modular offices are great for guard houses, clean rooms, smoking shelters, and more. We also stock attractive, affordable, quality office furniture. Contact us today for more information.

Benefits of Going Modular

You can really make some significant gains when you opt for modular offices. What’s so great about these pre-designed and semi-constructed modular rooms?
modular offices
Modular in-plant offices

  • Built to code: Code compliant, these in plant offices are easy to incorporate into your warehouse, or distribution center. You can design them to adapt to any available space.

  • Fast: Finished panels are ready to assemble. In no time at all, these additional in-plant work areas can be up and in use without all the noise and mess that comes with conventional construction, and that is important for the bottom line of your business.

  • Tax advantage: Because in-plant modular offices are considered furniture instead of conventional building structure, all of our products in this catagory qualify for a 7-year depreciation period while conventional construction is depreciated over 39 years. This means that you recover the cost of your investment much sooner. There will also be no property tax increase on your building as the system is viewed as moveable equipment.

Join the growing ranks of companies who have discovered that these in-plant office systems are attractive, moveable, highly functional and will save your company money over the years.

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