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Warehouse Work benchesWarehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. is a full-line, full-service distributor of materials handling, storage equipment, and shipping supplies. We know your needs are unique to your business. That’s why we make sure we have available a vast range of many different products and services from more than 50 suppliers.

More than Your Average Warehouse Store
Beyond pallet racks, wire decking, guardrails, shelving and other products featured on our product pages, Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. has available the following items.


  • Strip curtains (strip doors) – commercial environmental barriers available with variety of mounting hardware suitable for various applications
  • Dockboards – beveled edges for smooth entry and exit
  • Work Benches – industrial in materials and design, available in the fullest range of sizes, shapes and configurations
  • Conveyors – manual or automated, these systems can be integrated seamlessly into the overall warehousing or distribution layout and plan of operations
  • Plastic Totes – great for long-term storage; sturdier than cardboard, in all shapes and sizes
  • Bin Boxes – great alternative to plastic totes and perfect for storing those smaller items that can cause unsafe, unsightly warehouse disarray
  • Warehouse Carts – everything from platform material handling trucks to shelf carts
  • Office Furniture – a full selection of all your office furniture needs
  • Storage Cabinets – for all your office, industrial and general storage needs

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