Pallet Racks

pallet racksWarehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. specializes in pallet rack systems.

Our configurable systems offer efficient, economical use of floor space and unused overhead space.

Pallet Racks Warehouse Design and layout

We are available to assist you with the design and layout of your warehouse or distribution center in order to maximize your storage efficiency.

Do you need help setting it up?

We have highly trained professional installation crews available to assemble and install the right system for you.

Two main components

Pallet racks are made up of two major components : uprights and beams, so assembly is very fast and easy.

Major brands in stock
We carry most major brands and styles of pallet rack. Many common sizes and capacities are available for immediate shipment.

Pallet rack types
Selective Rack – the most common type of pallet rack. The ideal system when you need direct access to all of your pallets; each place in the selective rack holds one pallet so you can select one without having to move the others.

pallet rack types Bolted Structural – super strong and made of hot rolled structural
channel; ideal for hard-wearing applications.

Cantilevers – good for storing longer loads; allows access from one or both sides.

Carton Flow – gravity-driven and great for those applications with many SKUs; stock presentation is set up to naturally flow for inventory rotation. Tilted shelves allow for better visibility too.

Push Back – Nested carts are forward-fed by the force of gravity on strong steel rails. This versatile two, three and four deep pallet system optimizes storage density.

pallet flow rackpallet racks Pallet Flow Rack – powered by gravity, the pallet flow rack provides first in/first out product rotation. Wheels on slanted shelves mean loads flow forward ensuring faces along picking aisle are stocked.

Narrow Aisle – for maximized space usage and great for areas that see high volume and high traffic. Special forklifts are used in narrower than normal aisles with this selective system.

Drive-in / Drive-thru – this reduces the number of aisles you’ll need and that means you’ll be able to store much more inventory than conventional systems Contact us to find out which pallet rack solution will work best for you: (513) 821-6240.