Warehouse Shelving Systems
Manage your inventory
Take charge of your inventory with industrial or commercial shelving from Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co. You’ll find shelving in a variety of sizes and specifications to fit your needs.

Industrial shelving can be stacked to create multiple levels and increase space utilization, while commercial wire shelving offers advantages of increased air circulation, light diffusion and better product visibility.

Types of shelving at Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co.
Industrial Steel Shelving

  • shelvingIndustrial clip shelving
  • Wire shelving
  • Rivet type shelving
  • Open style shelving
  • Closed style shelving
  • Shelving supported mezzanines

Whether you rely on our skilled installation crews or you plan to do it yourself, you’ll be glad you contacted us about getting your warehouse outfitted with the right kind of shelving.

Warehouse ShelvingVariations
It all depends on what you need the shelves for, how much weight they must bear, how much capacity is required, and more. The kind of shelving you’ll want to purchase also depends on how the components are assembled.

Are you looking for a simple beam-and-post construction or do you need something more durable, such as industrial clip shelving with braces designed to increase stability and strength?

Either way, these are customizable, component-based items designed with you in mind.

Industrial ShelvingWe Install
Some types of shelving applications require more time and tools than other types. If you would rather not commit your time and human resources to shelving installation, let us know. We’ve been handling projects like this for many years and can provide complete, professional installation that suits the requirements of your business storage needs.

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