Wire Decking

Complete your pallet rack system with wire decking from Warehouse Equipment & Supplies Co.

wire decking
Wire decking provides a storage deck solution for your new or existing pallet rack. It also does a few other things.

Make it better with wire decking.

  • Helps you meet OSHA and local fire code standards
  • Makes loading different types and sizes of pallets safer and easier
  • Allows for hand stacking of product
  • Improves the visibility of your inventory
  • Makes the most of available lighting
  • Does a great job of cutting down the dust accumulation in your warehouse

Other features to watch for in our wire decking:
wire decking features

  • Waterfall front and back
  • Corners notched to allow for angle posts
  • Heavy-gauge steel that bears heavy loads
  • Easy to install
  • Galvanized or powder coat finish available


wire decking channelsInverted channels
Inverted channels are available for step and box beams. Our inverted channels will not fill with dust, dirt or any other particle, keeping your storage area cleaner.